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Oxford Bright Scholars is an educational organisation run by University of Oxford graduates that combines high quality academic teaching with practical and engaging workshops. We currently offer limited spaces on our 2017 summer programme in Shanghai, China.

Our mission is to equip students and young professionals with knowledge of China and enable them to use this knowledge to create a positive impact on the world

Highest Academic Standards

Academic integrity is at the centre of all our courses and we aim to follow the University of Oxford's teaching methods and learning frameworks.

Foster Entrepreneurship

Raising our students' awareness of current global issues and nurturing them to be pro-active in finding social impact driven and innovative solutions.

Nurture Transferrable Skills

Soft skills are just as important as academic knowledge when it comes to graduate job prospects, this is why we offer a range of workshops to help our students enhance their transferrable skills.

Embedded Interactive Learning

All Oxford Bright Scholars' courses are embedded with real-life case studies, discussions of current industry challenges, and guided by professional industry experience.

Chinese Partnerships

Why we do what we do

Get to know the real China

  • China is constantly in the news for economic development, however, it is also a country of stunning beauty and diverse culture
  • We want our students to see Chinese traditions as well as the financial hub of Asia
  • We want our students to experience real Chinese food and try different types of Chinese cuisine
  • We want our students to see parts of China that the world often neglects, including contemporary art markets and UNESCO world heritage sites

In-depth knowledge of China

  • China is now a hot topic to be found in all major newspapers, journals and business / law schools
  • We want our students to get an insiders’ perspective of China
  • We want our students to understand China’s role in the global economy and its impact on our professions as well as our daily lives
  • We want our students to develop their own opinion and arguments about Chinese economics and politics, instead of using second hand knowledge from popular financial publications

Shaping your worldview

  • Our worldview is shaped by our educational background, cultural values and communities and this can pose challenges in the hyper-connected world we live in today
  • We want our students to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ and to experience different cultures
  • We want our students to see world problems from different perspectives and therefore also see innovative solutions
  • We want our students to share their life experiences and enrich one another

Leadership for social impact

  • Leadership for social impact is to act collectively to empower entrepreneurs and work together to have a direct and positive impact on communities worldwide
  • We want our students to find their true passion in life and use this power to play a positive and significant role in the world
  • We want our students to be a part of the global community that communicates ideas to eachother
  • We want our students to work together on the big issues of equality, access to education and cross-cultural communication

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