Global Innovation Launchpad Case Study Curriculum

Step into the shoes of an existing manager from our network and call their shots yourself. Justify your decisions and role-play the outcomes. We will be referring to case studies on real companies active within China and spanning markets within and beyond Greater China.

The curriculum is designed to give exposure to a variety of challenges relevant to contemporary global leaders. You will go through the process of quickly analyzing complex and nuanced situations, making a decision how to act, defending your position, and role playing the consequences. This experimentation will help you build managerial intuition and personal style. When you face real life challenges mirroring those from the case study topics, you will be prepared to react with poise and confidence.

Case Study Topics:

  • Funding and Scaling New Hardware Ventures – Made in/for China
  • Entertainment and Experience Design for the Chinese Market
  • Marketplace as a Service and Demand-Side Increasing Returns
  • Community Building and the Chinese Nonprofit Landscape
  • Chinese Talent Acquisition and Consumer Research
  • The Business of Servicing Chinese Innovators
  • Human Capital Strategy – Hiring and Firing to Build Culture
  • The Changing Chinese Import/Export Landscape
  • Human Capital Strategy – Managing Stars and Dealing with Divas
  • Deal Negotiation Strategy – Backup Plans and Cultural Considerations

Some of the Candidate Companies for Case Study Inclusion:

Eleme – food delivery

Stary – electric skateboards

AB Inbev – beer and events

XNode – real estate and startup development

Innovation Is Everywhere – innovation consulting

Groupmall – discount high end imports


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