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Global Innovation Launchpad Subject Themes: Health and Happiness

You’ve either seen it in the news, read it on our website, or heard it directly when speaking with us: China’s ...Read more

Vision of Daphne Halkias and Paul Thurman

When Daphne Halkias and Paul Thurman joined our team, we recognized that their agreement demonstrated a commitment to devote some of ...Read more

Why Join the Global Innovation Launchpad?

This programme offers you three elements that will propel your career in the long term. First, the hands-on experience of living, ...Read more

Professors Daphne Halkias and Paul Thurman Join Global Innovation Launchpad

OBS is fortunate to have the opportunity to work both with distinguished professors and accomplished professionals alike. On occasion, those ...Read more

Shanghai Pollution On Par With New York, London

Whenever someone is considering a trip to China, pollution is often one of the first concerns. Rumors circulate of low hanging, ...Read more

Who Will Be Accepted into the OBS Global Innovation Launchpad Programme

To make the OBS Global Innovation Launchpad Programme application selection process more transparent, we took the time to ask the director, ...Read more

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Of course, we always need to be wary about attributing causation when we see correlation, but it is nonetheless exciting ...Read more

Global Innovation Launchpad Academic Masterclasses

The academic masterclasses serve as the core academic content in the Global Innovation Launchpad programme. They are interactive, engaging, and example-rich, ...Read more

Global Innovation Launchpad Case Study Curriculum

Step into the shoes of an existing manager from our network and call their shots yourself. Justify your decisions and ...Read more

Global Innovation Launchpad Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops: Participants should expect these modules to be highly interactive and creative in nature. While there will be some ...Read more