China Enterprise Summer Programme

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China Enterprise Programme

Sunday, 29th of July – Saturday, 11th of August 2018

The Chinese Enterprise Programme is an intensive, unique summer experience in Shanghai, China. Students will be able to explore China, build their professional networks and experience first-hand studying and living in China. The programme combines daily private Mandarin tuition, Masterclasses in Chinese Politics and a Business Enterprise Challenge.

Graduates of the programme will develop informed opinions of China’s political landscape, economic policies and foreign policies.


2017 Summer Dates

Sunday, 29th of July - Saturday 11th of August 2018



Programme price includes £2,500 for tuition and £750 for food, accommodation and excursions.
(Scholarships available to impressive high calibre candidates)


Shanghai, China
Weekend trip to Hangzhou, China

Ideal Applicant

18 - 25 years old
Strong interests in Chinese culture
Studying business, economics, political science, international relations, law, engineering, maths or other humanities
Entrepreneurially minded
Keen interest in international issues, current affairs, geo-politics, business environment, startup scene and /or international developmental goals

Academic Content

20 hours of Mandarin Tuition
20 hours of Masterclasses
18 hours of Business Challenge Workshop

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities to meet local entrepreneurs, mentors and executives
A rare opportunity to build your own social network in China - 'guanxi' 关系 - the earlier you start the more you will be able to launch your career in Asia

Company Visits

Visit different types of Chinese start ups, international companies and professional services firms operating in Shanghai
Have opportunities to ask questions about global strategy, market entry and career building advice

Explore China

Weekend trip to Hangzhou, the UNESCO Heritage site West Lake and a city that is known to the locals as 'Heaven on Earth'

Opportunities to Explore Shanghai:

Night view of The Bund

100th floor skyline view at the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center

Shop in the trendy Jing'an district

Explore the French Concession, the Old Shanghai

Visit the ancient Yu Garden in the heart of Shanghai


China Enterprise Summer Programme

China Enterprise Programme students’ gain a rare insider’s perspective on the political landscape of China, opportunities and obstacles of the Chinese market, and immersion into Chinese culture. Whether your goal is to set up a business in China, continue your studies at Law School or Business School, or to accelerate your career, Oxford Bright Scholars’ China Enterprise Programme prepares you for this important next part of your personal and professional development. You will experience sharp cultural differences, explore both urban and rural China and ultimately, fall in love with the most cosmopolitan city in Asia.

This programme is designed for ambitious future business leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs to gain a rare insiders’ perspective on China: its political landscape, business environment and culture. Throughout the programme you will learn from passionate Oxford tutors, gain international perspectives from your diverse cohort and learn about yourself: how you can become a more globally minded student or professional.

Why study Chinese politics?

The Chinese economy, China’s unique political system and a bipolar international system – these are the new buzzword for international organisations, technological investments, research institutions. So, whether you are studying business studies, law, or in general, have academic and professional interests in Asia, you need to better understand China firsthand.

The China Enterprise Programme offers you a rare opportunity to discuss and debates some of the most topical issues surrounding China today. We will closely analyse China’s economic policies since 1979, economic development plans across the country, the internal political structure, China’s modernization and its impact on different social groups.

What is the Business Enterprise Challenge?

The Business Enterprise Challenge is intended for you to experience being an entrepreneur in China. You and your team will develop a product / service for China’s consumer market within two weeks and you are responsible to creating something that you are proud to present to investors. The programme is designed to provide you with the skills to conduct market research and create your business model. Your team will be responsible for completing an impressive pitch.

Feedback from our past students:

In school, we are not taught how to create connections in the real world or how to create a business plan. But with the China Enterprise Programme, we were able to learn the things that a conventional school does not teach us, and I think that is the edge that Oxford Bright Scholars has, it provides students with real life experiences.

Oxford Bright Scholars gave me the opportunity to experience not only the Shanghai life but also the Shanghai start-up culture.”If you are looking for a life changing adventure, join the China Enterprise Programme in Shanghai. Once there, do not question what you are doing, just go with the flow. Absorb as many things as you can because China will constantly have things coming your way. I truly believe that Oxford Bright Scholars has changed my perspective of China.” – Indonesia, Colgate University

“I feel that people often have the wrong impression of China. Being in Shanghai for two weeks made me realise that you can’t criticise a place without being there yourself. The development of Shanghai is beyond your imagination; what has been accomplished for the past decade is so astonishing. And you will only understand that when you see it for yourself.” – Taiwan, Tsingtua University

“If you are looking for a summer programme that will give you a leg up in the business or political world, the China Enterprise Programme can be that summer programme. You will leave China having a new appreciation and understanding of this often misunderstood, but fascinating culture and country.

This experience with Oxford Bright Scholars and my travels throughout China has really helped me to have a clearer vision of my future career goals and how China can be a large part of it.” – USA, Augustana College

“Initially, I was most anxious about traveling from the US to China alone, not knowing any one else who would join me on the programme. But I eventually found that this was the best decision I could have ever made. As a student that has little to no foreign language experience, I found that immersing myself in the culture really forced me to pick up the language and become fully integrated into Chinese culture.” – USA, Roger Williams University

Read more about past scholar experiences 

We have an application selection process; this is because we aim to build an elite, close-knit community. Apply now to enrich your skill set and return from Shanghai head and shoulders above your peers.

Find out how to make a strong application

  • Experience living and working in Shanghai
  • Discuss China's relationship with US, Africa and South East Asia
  • Discuss China's economic development approaches
  • Develop professional skills to launch your career in Asia
  • Develop a start up business project in the heart of Shanghai
  • Explore cultural heritage sites in China
  • Build a local network in Shanghai
  • Private Mandarin Tuition
  • Make friends from all over the world

Explore Shanghai

  • Weekend Away In Hangzhou
  • Guest Speaker Lectures
  • Careers Fair
  • International student cohort
  • Graduation Ceremony

Our Services

  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Airport transfers in Shanghai
  • Welcome reception
  • Weekend trip away to Hangzhou
  • Visit to the West Lake UNESCO Heritage site
  • Overnight stay in Hangzhou
  • Industry expert facilitators
  • Academic course materials
  • Accommodation in central Shanghai
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Shanghai residential team
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Graduation certificate
  • Guest lectures
  • Networking event
  • Career workshops

Course Overview

Chinese Partnerships

Your Accomodation in Shanghai

Rayfont Hotel, Xuhui District, Shanghai

  • Modern serviced apartments, two separate rooms per suite
  • With swimming pool, gym and laundry service
  • 24 / 7 security, private access card and gated community
  • 3 minutes walk away from Da Pu Qiao metro stop
  • 5 minutes walk from Tian Zi Fang, local contemporary arts and crafts market
  • 8 minutes walk away from the French Concession, Old Shanghai District

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