Global Innovation Launchpad


Sunday, 2nd of July – Saturday, 15th of July 2017
Followed by an Internship or Startup Experience

Join other future leaders to solidify your goals, gain a foothold in an important region, and stand out when pursuing competitive positions. Personal leadership training, professional development, and innovation empowerment form the three pillars of the programme, offered in an immersive China context. Exit the two-week bootcamp to join an internship or create your own venture.


2017 Summer Dates

Business Innovation Boot Camp:
2nd of July 2017 - 15th of July 2017
Internship or New Venture:
The remainder of your summer


Total Programme Fee of £3,850
£2,500 Tuition
£1,350 Accommodation


Shanghai, China

Academic Content

20 hours, Case Study Classes
20 hours, Academic Masterclasses
20 hours, Innovation Workshops
4 hours, Chinese Business Customs
16 hours, Professional Recruitment

Our Applicant Profile

Do any of these describe you?
- Currently enrolled at a university
- Seeking career in innovation
- Serious about professional training
- Considering MBA enrollment
- Interested in leadership skills
- Globally minded and curious

Receive Leadership Insights

- Meet startup and corporate leaders
- Receive advice to build your career
- Discuss new market entry strategies
- Tour and understand company sites
- Witness effective leadership in China

Explore Shanghai

- Late night debates at crafts markets
- Hyper-modern skyscraper views
- Evening walks in French Concession
- Cosmopolitan restaurants and styles
- Extremely safe environment
- Impromptu street performances
- Contrasting colonial architecture
- Excursions to giant trampoline gyms
- Speedy and convenient navigation
- Ancient parks and cultural activity
- Hipster shops and emergent fashion
- Room escapes and scavenger hunts

Land an Internship

Firms looking for people like you:
- Large multinationals entering China
- Growing small family businesses
- New and expanding software firms
- Local companies going International
- Creative service industry companies
- Manufacturers with new products
- Luxury designers and retail outlets
- and many more...

Found a Startup

Create your own new venture:
- Bring together competent founders
- Discover and define real problems
- Set up a workspace and schedule
- Create and solidify viable solutions
- Use help from seasoned mentors
- Apply for funding from investors
- Recruit help and form partnerships
- and much more...

Weekend Getaway

A mix between corporate team retreat and traditional cultural immersion:
- Explore a culturally rich setting
- Join pro team-building exercises
- Interact with curious friendly locals
- Hone leadership and influence skills
- Understand traditional lifestyles
- Practice group business innovation
- Try delicious and diverse local food
- Connect deeply for future network


Global Innovation Launchpad

The Global Innovation Launchpad is all about becoming an international business leader. You will emerge from the programme with the ability to create value in a new business environment. The programme also introduces opportunities for meaningful summer work in China. You can either land an internship or start your own venture.

Why Join The Programme?

Think of the programme as a condensed version of an MBA. Everything that you learn prepares you for the real business world. Throughout your training from industry experts, you’ll meet people and organizations who value the skills you are building. By the end of the two weeks, you will have formed your own new venture or else arranged to start an internship. You will then spend the rest of your summer engaged in professional business innovation.

Our graduates can boast eye-catching work experience on their resumes, a proven ability to do business, an understanding of how to innovation is achieved, a valuable professional network, and strong knowledge of China. Read more about how this programme in Shanghai will benefit you.

A Typical Day in the Programme

A typical academic day during the two-week bootcamp starts with a case study workshop. You will role play actual situations from true stories of leadership and business dilemmas. What do you decide? How do you support your points? These sessions are full of energy, excitement, and unexpected insights generated by your diverse international peers. Starting from a real business scenario, the case study workshops invite you to join the fray, experimenting to develop your business thinking and personal leadership style. Learn more about case studies here.

After refreshments and a bit of time for consideration, you will enter the academic master class of the day. The purpose of the class is to generalize what you learned in the case study. The master classes break business into its different parts and explore the methods that work. There is plenty of room for discussions and examples, and you should expect to leave knowing how to use effective business strategy and management tools. Learn more about master classes here.

Following lunch, the personal innovation component kicks in. You will work on developing our own business models and testing them out in exciting experiments. This is the time to get creative as you put together what you have learned in new and compelling ways. What new ventures will you dream up, and how will you execute them? Even if you plan to work for an established company, your ability to create new business value will make you a star. Learn more about innovation workshops here.

Aside from innovation workshops, you will spend the typical afternoon preparing for networking sessions and exploring companies around Shanghai. What are your career goals? What kind of work do you enjoy most? Imagine helpful discussions with your peers as you plan your interactions with the companies you meet. The evening networking sessions are opportunities for you to find new venture collaborators or a great fit with one of many diverse companies. Remember, these are all people interested in your new ideas and talent.

Why Study In China?

This programme is about you and your future. Our goal is to empower you for business success in an increasingly international and dynamic world. It is hard to imagine a future in which China is not crucially important worldwide. Already, businesses around the world are seeking people who know what is going on in China and what to expect from it. Our business programme in China will help you stand out in your capabilities and experience.

Your knowledge of China will undoubtedly help you later in life, but China is also likely to offer you a more diverse and interesting range of summer opportunities than you will find elsewhere. China’s economy is developing rapidly and creating numerous openings in companies. Companies in China seek talented individuals with new ideas. Consumers seek new products and services. Opportunities to create social impact are broad and accessible. The potential for innovation is palpable.

The lessons from the programme are all designed to be generalizable. However, by focusing on China’s unique and changing environment, the programme delivers these general lessons within a unifying context. This will deepen your understanding of the lessons you learn. The business world in China is dynamic and challenging, creating exciting material for us to explore. When you exit the programme, you will be able to enter a new country or business context and quickly ascertain how to make progress.

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Programme Overview Points

  • Leadership Development
  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Dynamic Chinese Economy
  • Case Study Workshops
  • Core Technical Skills
  • Business Management
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Global Cohort
  • Professional Network
  • Personal China Immersion

Explore Shanghai

  • Weekend Away and Explore China
  • Guest Speaker Lectures
  • Networking Events
  • International student cohort
  • Graduation Ceremony

Our Services

  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Airport transfers in Shanghai
  • Welcome reception
  • Weekend trip
  • Overnight stay during weekend trip
  • Industry expert facilitators
  • Academic course materials
  • Accommodation throughout bootcamp
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Shanghai residential team
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Graduation certificate
  • Guest lectures
  • Networking events
  • Possibility for letters of recommendation from our directors
  • Personalized support in landing meaningful summer work
  • Startup and internship mentoring
  • Resume guidance

Course Overview

Chinese Partnerships

Your Accommodation in Shanghai

Rayfont Hotel, Xuhui District, Shanghai

  • Accommodation included throughout bootcamp: July 2nd to July 15th, 2017
  • Modern serviced apartments, two separate rooms per suite
  • Featuring swimming pool, gym and laundry service
  • 24 / 7 security, private access card and gated community
  • 3 minutes walk away from Da Pu Qiao metro stop
  • 5 minutes walk from Tian Zi Fang, local contemporary arts and crafts market
  • 8 minutes walk away from the French Concession, Old Shanghai District
  • Accommodations are designed to optimize provision of daily privacy and rejuvenation with opportunities to network with the other future leaders in the programme

Why We Include Design Thinking Innovation Workshops in our Business Programme

The key to your brightest future

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