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Will I be able to apply what I learn in the program outside of China?

Absolutely. The programme is China-centric, but the lessons from the programme, including the case studies, the innovation strategies, and the management tools are all designed to be generalizable. By focusing on China’s unique and changing environment, the programme delivers these general lessons within a new, concrete, and challenging

Will I learn Mandarin or other Chinese language?

The programme does not offer any Chinese language modules, and we do not recommend that participants pursue any courses additional to those offered by the programme throughout any part of its duration. Our goal is to limit the scope of the lessons in this programme to those which can be applied on a professional level immediately following the conclusion of the program. While learning the local language is an important part of integrating into any business culture, developing business fluency in Mandarin or another Chinese language requires sustained effort over a longer period of time than the duration of the programme. We are happy to recommend Chinese language learning options to our participants for their engagement at a time other than during the Global Innovation Launchpad programme.

Does the Global Innovation Launchpad programme issue an accredited MBA certificate?

The programme does not issue any accredited certificate for a Masters of Business Administration. Rather, the programme is meant to offer a compressed, graduate-level, innovation management studies experience to candidates who may seek to pursue an MBA or who wish to learn and apply affiliated skills in their professional lives.

Why is the programme in Shanghai?

Often called the “New York City of Asia”, Shanghai is the primary cosmopolitan hub in China and has enjoyed certain accelerated development given official status as a Special Economic Zone. It’s focus on trade, capital allocation, and commerce as well as its international orientation make it an ideal location for a programme devoted to the exploration of innovation management in changing circumstances. Further, Shanghai is a safe and easily-navigated city, with strong prevalence of English signage and modern amenities. While Shanghai’s business environment is a whirlwind, our international participants can explore it from a position of safety, comfort, and good health conducive to effective learning.

What makes OBS qualified to offer this programme?

Our instructors are world class educators who have taught at and consulted for a variety of reputable higher education institutions, professional organizations, as well as startup incubators and accelerators spanning multiple countries. Our past programme participants have applauded our instructors’ abilities to develop and execute course material meeting or exceeding their expectations, and our instructors have relevant academic accreditations certifying their instruction. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, OBS has been successful in attracting an outstanding body of diverse and capable programme participants. This programme is designed to maximize the value each participant extracts from the unique insights and perspective offered by each other participant. We are very luck to serve an outstanding selection of future leaders. Finally, our cases are the actual stories developed from real life managers spanning a variety of business segments.

Why is OBS offering this programme?

As the world continues to globalize and as technology’s utility and pace of change continue to increase, the role of leadership requires compensatory adjustment. Heroic leadership has given way to empowerment leadership, and decisions have become more data driven than driven by personal intuition. The traditional leadership path of overcoming precedented challenges using specific and proven techniques is being replaced by a myriad of leadership paths, each forged independently in the face of uncertainty. Tomorrow’s leaders require a global mindset, a diversified skill set, and the ability to efficiently produce data and react with flexibility. As these needs begin to be addressed by the world’s top business schools, OBS seeks to introduce the changing requirements and prepare future leaders for the dynamic and exciting road ahead.