Professors Daphne Halkias and Paul Thurman Join Global Innovation Launchpad

OBS is fortunate to have the opportunity to work both with distinguished professors and accomplished professionals alike. On occasion, those two categories are filled by the same individual. We are excited to announce that two such rock stars have joined our Global Innovation Launchpad as advisors and content contributors: Daphne Halkias and Paul Thurman, co-authors of the book Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Professor Paul Thurman of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University will be joining the Global MBA Launchpad to weigh in on topics ranging from innovation in the health industry to sustainability practices. He was a Columbia MBA valedictorian and is also a Columbia Graduate School of Business professor, so he knows what it takes to prepare for a top tier MBA program. He is also a service award winner and multiple teaching award recipient, ensuring he can impart his knowledge. His extensive experience helping a variety of governments and corporations realize value from innovative leadership, operations, and technology strategies make him a grand addition to our program. 

Action shot of Paul from a riveting lecture on user experience at the New York Technology Council
Watch the video here

Professor Daphne Halkias has been faculty in varying capacities at a larger number of universities than most of us will ever see, including Oxford and the University of Liverpool in England, the University of California San Diego and Cornell in the United States, and the University of Bergamo in Italy. A speaker at the World Entrepreneurship Summit and at leading European graduate school of business INSEAD, she is also CEO of Executive Coaching Consultants, an international organization helping businesses in areas including entrepreneurship and cross-cultural management. Professor Daphne Halkias is joining the Global Innovation Launchpad to weigh in on issues ranging from poverty alleviation to family business best practices.

Here are links to two more of Professor Halkias’s related books:
Organizational Justice During Strategic Change: The Employee’s Perspective
Governance in Immigrant Family Businesses: Enterprise, Ethnicity, and Family Dynamics

In addition, we interviewed Daphne and Paul about their decision to work with us. They shared their opinions about how the Global Innovation Launchpad stands out from other programmes and their decisions to affiliate themselves and their brands with us. You can read what they had to say here.

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