Stanford Professor Robert Chang Joins Global Innovation Launchpad

A business innovation catalyst, medical industry expert, and seasoned educator, Dr. Robert Chang of the faculty of Stanford University makes the latest stellar addition to the OBS Global Innovation Launchpad team. Robert has worked with numerous startups as a mentor and contributor, and he has spent considerable time in China and around Asia. He has licensed one patent and holds several others and is currently co-founder of his own startup in the air pollution space. Participants seeking to pursue the entrepreneurship route over their summer in China will benefit from bouncing their ideas and strategies off of him. Professor Chang is also a practicing eye surgeon, so those with an interest in joining the fields of existing medical device and medical practice in China also have in him a sounding board for ideas and strategy. Robert‘s startup breadth and medical industry depth make him a stellar member of the Oxford Bright Scholars organization, and we are looking forward very much to sharing his thoughts with you.

Professor Robert Chang shown here with two of his colleagues with their invention, as featured in San Francisco News in 2014

We thought to ask Robert the same questions we asked professors Paul Thurman and Daphne Halkias when they joined us. Robert was happy to share his answers publicly, so we are adding them to our article here.

§ Why is it important to experience China from the inside?

“Having spent time, including several sabbaticals, in multiple cities across China, I can tell you the country is quite diverse, from the landscape, to the people, to the opportunities.  Daily local life is changing constantly at a very rapid pace.  Thus, it is best to experience China first-hand, from the inside, through multiple points of view, if you wish to become an international leader with a better understanding of business in China.”

§ What do you believe makes this program useful?

“In just a short amount of time, Oxford Bright Scholars packs invaluable academic content seamlessly from the classroom to the real world in Shanghai. The well-designed program serves as an introduction to the dynamic nature of business in a massive emerging market and lays out the skillsets required to thrive as a future international business leader.”

§ What’s a feature of the programme that you are particularly excited about? 

“Many features are exciting, but one unique aspect is the customization during the program to help participants find internships or even start a new venture by the end.  The varied content format maximizes high-yield learning, and the Global Innovation Launchpad is the ideal opportunity if you have ever thought about business cultural immersion in China.”

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