Why Choose OBS?

Here are reasons why you should spend your summer with Oxford Bright Scholars, through reflections made by our past students



Make Shanghai your home in Asia

“By the end of the programme, I felt like Shanghai was home and recognised that it is the New York of Asia.”

Immerse into the Chinese culture

“This was a hands on experience in understanding cultural perceptions and being able to identify and contrast American and Chinese culture, it changed my perception of China.”

Learn about China’s relationship with the world

“I learnt a lot about China’s relationship with Taiwan and China’s relationship with Africa. When people discuss China they most only know one side of the story, even though you don’t need to be an expert in politics or IR, you should at least know how China interacts with the world.”

Preparation for graduate school

“The China Enterprise Programme is suited for students looking to attend graduate school, with an interest in politics, economics and law.”

Change your global perspectives

“The programme not only broke down cultural barriers but also created world cultural awareness.”

Understand the Chinese business environment

“My goal is to set up a business venture in China, the politics classes provided me with an understanding of the political background and the opportunities and challenges that businesses face in China.”

Build an international network

“Shanghai is a hub of opportunities, the OBS network provided me with the opportunity to understand networking in China and start building my own."

Build your confidence

“Through the programme I learned about myself and most importantly, how to market myself. The programme enabled me to think from various perspectives, especially because of the diversity of the student body. I felt like we are a family."

Take the lead in building a business

“Our business idea could have phenomenal impact and the enterprise challenge allowed me to be very creative and taught me a lot about building a business model and marketing.”

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