Why Join the Global Innovation Launchpad?

This programme offers you three elements that will propel your career in the long term.

First, the hands-on experience of living, working, and studying in China. Precisely because China is so different from other markets and is changing so quickly, employers in China accept candidates with demonstrated capacity to execute locally. After our two-week boot camp, that’s you. The Global Innovation Launchpad will provide you with valuable specific knowledge about China and guarantee your ability to function in a Chinese environment.

Also, because China is so important globally, employers located elsewhere give increasingly special notice to candidates who understand the region. After your summer in Shanghai, that’s you, as well. If you want to pursue a career in any globally-minded firm, you will be considered a surefire candidate if you have already experienced working in China for yourself.

Secondthe industry knowledge and assessment capabilities you will gain. Contemporary business requires an ability to quickly and accurately assess new or changing environments, and this programme provides the perfect opportunity to practice this skill set.Whether you have studied entrepreneurship, management, or another kind of business, the Chinese market is extremely different from other markets you may have dealt with elsewhere. 

You will exit the programme as a change agent capable of creating new value for many possible employers. This is particularly true because of the low hanging fruit in China: the fast-paced economic development creates market inefficiencies, unmet demands, and opportunities for social impact. Those unused to how things already work are more likely to have ideas about how they could work instead. Companies, investors, coworkers, and community service people all value those ideas.

Thirdthe diverse professional network. The Global MBA Launchpad programme will welcome ambitious, accomplished individuals from all corners of the world. Everyone who joins will have the short term common interest of pursuing business innovation in China. The programme will be a place to exchange ideas, solidify goals, and experiment in a culture of encouragement and support.

Everyone who joins will also have a long term interest in becoming a global leader. The people you meet will be the people with whom you set up businesses, trade deals, and strategic partnerships down the road. A valuable global network starts with building trust in shared experiences and develops into leveraging each other’s perspectives and positioning.

Finally, the companies with whom you meet can stay in touch with you following the programme. Many have full time vacancies to fill and also want to invest in building and maintaining a business relationship with you. Ordinarily, there is something of a wall separating the employers and the potential employees. In our programme, we help to bring that wall down and focus our attention on the potential for achieving business innovation together.

Note, if your goal is to continue to study in China following the programme, the Global Innovation Launchpad can serve as a good start. The programme will give you a comprehensive overview of how the environment is changing and what the options are for continued academic enrichment. It will also develop your understanding of your own personal strengths and interests as well as how you can apply and pursue them in China. You will exit the programme capable of strategically selecting your next learning adventure and capable of maximizing your returns from it.

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